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Collecting your performance royalties in Canada and abroad

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ARTISTI enables you to collect your performance royalties in Canada and abroad
Who can join?

Any performer—soloist or chorister, solo instrumentalist or accompanist, narrator or actor—who has performed on an eligible sound recording may join Artisti. You do not have to be a member of Union des artistes, nor AFM, CFM, GMMQ to join Artisti.

SOCAN or SODRAC member?

May I join Artisti if I am a member of SOCAN or SODRAC? Yes, because Artisti has a different mandate from either SOCAN or SODRAC: Artisti is responsible for administering copyright related to performance. It is therefore possible to receive royalties from Artisti as a performer in addition to receiving royalties from SOCAN or SODRAC as an author or composer.

How do I become a member?

How do I become a member? It is as easy as pie. To join ARTISTI, all you have to do is: sign the Agreement on Assignment of Performance Rights and complete the Performer’s Initial Declaration; declare all sound recordings for which you have performed by completing the Appendix To The Declaration form. You can join by clicking on the link below.

What do I have to do?

Do I have to declare all the recordings on which I have performed? Yes. You must declare all the recordings on which you have performed during your career. These recordings may generate equitable remuneration royalties if they have ever been played on the radio since 1998, or private copying royalties if they have been on the market and listed in radio surveys since 2000. Accordingly, a recording in which you participated in 1996 could very well have been broadcasted in 2015.

What are the benefits?

Individual performers cannot themselves collect some of the royalties to which they are entitled. The benefit of membership is that ARTISTI, as a collecting society, collects on behalf of its members. There is another benefit of membership in Artisti: it collects royalties on behalf of its members for the use of their music in other countries. This means that members do not have to join a collecting society in other countries in order to be paid.

Are there membership fees?

There is no membership fee for joining Artisti. Administrative costs are covered through a percentage of royalty payments, which is set each year by ARTISTI’s Board of Directors and adopted by the Union des artistes Board of Directors. The boards of directors of Re:Sound and the Canadian Private Copying Collective, to which Artisti is a linked, also set administrative costs.

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