Am I entitled to them?

You may be eligible

To be entitled to equitable remuneration, you first must have taken part in an eligible sound recording and meet other criteria

Equitable remuneration

To be entitled to equitable remuneration, you must have taken part in an eligible sound recording that has appeared in survey or usage data collected as of 1998.


However, even if you have heard your performance on the radio, you will not necessarily receive royalties. In some cases, survey data is collected through sampling and the sound recordings in which you have taken part must appear in a sample to be eligible for royalties.

Private Copying

To be entitled to private copying royalties, your performance on an eligible sound recording must be listed in survey data collected since 2000.


Finally, unlike the data with equitable remuneration, the data pertaining to private copying also includes phonogram sales. A performer who receives only a small amount of income from equitable remuneration may nonetheless be entitled to a greater share of private copying royalties.


In summary, a performer whose work is played infrequently on the radio but who sells a large number of recordings will receive a greater share of royalties from the private copying levy.

Reproduction right

To the extent that your participation in a sound recording is vocal and that you entrusted the management of your incidental reproduction right to ARTISTI, you may be entitled to royalties paid by

  • commercial radio stations in accordance with tariffs approved by the Copyright Board and
  • the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in accordance with the agreement reached with ARTISTI.

For your sound recordings which are found in the usage or survey data and which have not already been distributed by ARTISTI at the time you entrusted it with this right.

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