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The Canadian Private Copying Collective has just launched the Stand on Guard for Canada’s Music campaign, in order to mobilize those who wish to support our music at this crucial time. As an Artisti member, you too can make your voice heard and take action to defend your royalties!

In just a few clicks, call on Minister Guilbeault, Minister Bains and your MP to see the private copying levy extended in Canada to devices used to copy music:

Stand on Guard for Canada’s Music

The extension of the private copying levy is an essential issue for Artisti and its members. So much so that our president France D’Amour sent a letter to Minister Guilbeault arguing the obsolescence of the current Canadian private copying levy which provides that royalties are only collected on blank CDs, a medium which is hardly used anymore.

As the pandemic continues to affect the entire music industry and performers are deprived of their livelihood, it is time to extend the private copying levy to all devices that can copy music, a reasonable demand that is already implemented in several European countries.

There is no doubt that the extension of the private copying levy could generate essential income for all music creators. A recent study conducted by CISAC reveals that a reform of the private copying levy in Canada could bring in from 59 to 82 million Canadian dollars per year for an extension to smartphones, and 13 to 15 million per year for tablets. It is therefore from 72 to 97 million Canadian dollars which are currently escaping the rights holders of the music sector.

On the eve of a copyright reform bill, let’s make sure that reform of the private copying levy remains a top priority!

Sign up and share in large numbers so the government is aware of the importance of expanding private copying compensation in Canada!