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The Artisti Forum is back on October 17th

starting at 2 P.M at the Artisti offices!

Free event open to all our members

Meet at 5445 avenue de Gaspé in Montreal office 1005 (10th floor)

Take part in discussions on topics which concern your career as a performer!

On the agenda


Artisti 101: The ABCs of collective management

Presented by Sébastien Boucher, musician and one of Artisti’s director, and Maxime-Pierre Gazeau, Operation manager.

In this workshop Maxime-Pierre Gazeau and Sébastien Boucher, will explain the foundations of collective rights management, the role of a society like Artisti in the ecosystem of the music industry and the basic management that we provide for your performers’ rights (equitable remuneration and private copyrights).

This presentation will also highlight the path of your performer’s royalties, from broadcasting your music on the radio or in public places, to paying your royalties in your bank account. 

  • This presentation will be followed by a question period

Decoding U.S. neighbouring rights: SiriusXM and SoundExchange as seen by Guillaume from ShineX

Presented by Guillaume Drouin

Wondering about SoundExchange royalties? Join our session with Guillaume Drouin, creator of ShineX. He’ll give you an in-depth look at where they come from, their lucrative potential and their future. And the best part? He’ll give you solid tips on how to recover 100% of your U.S. royalties. Take this opportunity to be enlightened by one of the masters in the field.

  • This presentation will be followed by a question period
About Guillaume Drouin

With a background in music and finance, Guillaume is the brains behind ShineX, the first and only platform enabling artists to keep an eye on their SiriusXM royalties. Used to share his knowledge in Quebec and the U.S., his ultimate goal is to enlighten the music industry through technological innovation and education.

Streaming and remuneration (1)

Remuneration arising from streaming: A matter of justice for performers

Presented by Annie Morin, Executive Director and domlebo, performer and one of Artisti’s director.

Performers around the world are raising their voices to denounce the royalties they receive for the streaming of their music. Why do they receive so little or nothing at all?
What solution could be found to this problem, and what would it take to make it happen ?
One thing’s for sure: to get things moving, we can’t be resigned. We need to be mobilized!

  • This presentation will be followed by a question period

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