Artisti Forum

The Artisti Forum is back on October 20th, 2022

starting at 2 P.M at the Artisti offices!

Free event open to all our members

Meet at 5445 avenue de Gaspé in Montreal office 1005 (10th floor)

Take part in discussions on topics which concern your career as a performer!

On the agenda

Three workshops followed by a question period.
A panel discussion devoted to your questions.
A 4@6 networking.

Managing your Canadian royalties and U.S. SoundExchange royalties

Presented by Sébastien Boucher, musician and one of Artisti’s director,  Maxime-Pierre Gazeau, Advisor, and  and Marc-André Racine, responsible for processing royalties from SoundExchange.

In this presentation, we will explain in detail the path of your performer’s royalties, from broadcasting your music on the radio or in public places, to paying your royalties in your bank account. We will discuss the difference in management between Canadian, international and American royalties paid by SoundExchange. This workshop will highlight in particular the significant gains recently obtained by Artisti and the advantages of entrusting us with the management of your royalties.

  • This presentation will be followed by a question period

Artisti on a mission for the recognition of performer’s rights

Presented by Annie Morin, Executive Director and France D’Amour, President of Artisti.

During this workshop, Annie Morin will talk about the evolution of performers’ copyrights in Canada and briefly present Artisti’s demands for the upcoming reform of the Copyright Act. France D’Amour will talk about the importance of the representation work done by Artisti and the essential mobilization by performers.

Credits: Marie-Ève Lévesque

Overview of the music industry and main contracts encountered by performers

Presented by Me Bertand Menon, lawyer specializing in Arts rights (Music and Performing Arts).

During this workshop, Me Bertrand Menon will provide an overview of the main players in the music industry (publisher, manager, distributor, etc.) and the different roles that the artist can play in it (performer, author/composer and record producer). Secondly, he will detail the main contracts that you, performers, could likely come across during your career, whether you are a record producer or not.

Me Bertrand Menon

10 years in a music band, a lifelong relationship with the artistic community and a sincere desire to help artists assert their rights: this is what led me to develop this practice especially dedicated to the arts.
Me Menon provides legal services to clients exclusively composed of artists, creators and cultural enterprises, mainly from the music and performing arts industries. Inspired by their universe and know-how, he accompanies and advises his clients in the elaboration, development and accomplishment of their projects, both in Quebec and internationally.

To know more : menonb.ca


Panel discussion : the floors is yours!

Do you have any general questions, or more specific ones related to your file for example? ARTISTI listens and responds to you!

N.B. For all our members who cannot be present, send your questions prior to the Forum at  jpiro@artisti.ca