Artisti Forum

The Artisti Forum is back for a brand new edition! (IN FRENCH)

Join us on October 14th, 2021 starting at 2 P.M on ZOOM

Take part in discussions on topics which concern your career as a performer!



Three presentations FOLLOWED BY A question PERIOD & 
a PANEL discussion devoted to YOUR questions.

Collective management, what Artisti does and how it works: presented by our Advisor, Maxime-Pierre Gazeau and Sébastien Boucher, one of Artisti’s director.

In their application, the Copyright Law and the principle of collective management can be complex for creators. Collecting societies like ARTISTI act as facilitators in this ecosystem to allow creators to be paid for the uses of their work and to continue to create. The concepts that will be discussed in this presentation will raise awareness and equip artists on this important topic for their professional activity.


Artisti’s mission is to make representations to the government in order to protect, preserve and promote your rights as performers.

Annie Morin, our Executive Director will tell you about the representations that have been made over the past year concerning the Canadian Private Copying regime, Online Intermediaries and the protection of performers’ performance in the era of artificial intelligence.


“Radio tracking tools for independent artists” : presented by Claudia Laurin, new to Artisti’s Board of Directors.

Why do certain types of radio pay more for performers and producers than for authors / composers? What tools exist to know the performance of our songs on different types of radio stations when you are an independent artist? In her testimony Claudia Laurin will also discuss the Shine X Monitoring (Quebec initiative) and WARM (World Airplay Radio Monitor) models.


Do you have any general questions, or more specific ones related to your file for example? ARTISTI ANSWERS YOU!

N.B. For all our members who cannot be present, send your questions prior to the Forum at  jpiro@artisti.ca