Artisti Forum

Have you missed our last edition of the Forum in September 2020?

We are doing this again on March 18th, 2021 starting at 3.PM on ZOOM

Take part in discussions on topics which concern you directly and your profession as a performer!



Four 10-minute workshops each followed by a 15-minutes period of questions and discussions.

In this workshop Maxime-Pierre Gazeau, our advisor, and Sébastien Boucher, one of Artisti’s directors, will explain the foundations of collective rights management, the role of a society like Artisti in the ecosystem of the music industry and the basic management that we provide for your rights.

More and more of you are requesting for their IPN, and you would like to know what that is? Our Repertoire analyst, Julien Gagnon, will explain to you in this workshop the different types of representations and the tools used by the different societies across the world to identify, resolve and avoid territorial conflicts when managing your rights.

Discover the enhanced features of the new Artisti member portal! More information in self-service to allow you to control and consult your personal information, your discography as well as the complete history of your payments. This workshop will be presented by our distribution coordinator Ali Mafi.

Come understand the advantages of the collective management of your exclusive rights by Artisti, whether it is the incidental reproduction right or the complete range of exclusive rights granted to you in 2012. This workshop will be animated by Annie Morin, our Executive Director, and Dominique Lebeau, secretary and treasurer of Artisti.