Rights administered - Artisti

Artisti manage and distribute royalties due to performers as defined in the Copyright Act including:

Management of remuneration rights

Since its creation, ARTISTI has been managing two remuneration rights for its members: equitable remuneration right and remuneration right from the private copying levy. In concrete terms, ARTISTI distributes royalties collected on the members’ behalf from:

  • Re:Sound (The umbrella society of which ARTISTI is a member)
  • Canadian Private Copying Collective (CPCC);
  • Collecting societies in other countries with which ARTISTI has negotiated agreements.

Administration of exclusive reproduction right

Since 2008, Artisti has been authorized to administer the exclusive reproduction right for fixed performances of its members on the condition that the reproductions:

  • have not been authorized by members;
  • were made for the purpose of allowing or facilitating their public performance or their communication to the public by telecommunication.

ARTISTI currently distributes to its members the amounts collected on their behalf from:

  • Commercial radio stations
  • Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur

Management of exclusive rights - fixation and exploitation

Since 2015, Artisti also offers their members the possibility to assign the management of their exclusive rights related to the fixation of their recorded performances and the commercial exploitation of recorded performances fixed on sound recordings in physical or digital form.

Artisti has also filed proposed tariffs in connection with these commercial operations that can be found on the Copyright Board of Canada website, which have not yet been the subject of a hearing by the Copyright Board of Canada.