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Collect your royalties

Who can join?

Any performer — Canadian or foreign, solo singer or backup vocalist, solo or accompanying musician, narrator or actor — who takes part in an eligible sound recording can join ARTISTI.

Already a member of SOCAN or SODRAC (SOCAN RR)?

ARTISTI has a complementary mandate to the one of SOCAN or SODRAC (SOCAN RR). You can therefore collect royalties as a performer through ARTISTI and collect royalties as an author or composer through SOCAN or SODRAC (SOCAN RR).


ARTISTI does not charge any membership fees. Only management fees are deducted from the royalties we collect. These are established annually by the ARTISTI board of directors and adopted by the board of directors of the Union des artistes.

Refer to our Management Policy to find out about our management fees. 


A performer cannot individually collect some of the royalties due to him. ARTISTI therefore allows you to collect royalties that you could not receive otherwise. ARTISTI also allows you to collect royalties related to uses of your music that are made outside of Canada.

Royalties for prior years to membership

ARTISTI make retroactive payments for Canadian equitable remuneration royalties. As for private copying royalties, retroactive payment is limited to certain years. Finally, the payment of royalties related to incidental reproductions rights and exclusive rights are closed as and when they are distributed by Artisti.

How to join?


Monthly your International royalties (SoundExchange) if you are registered for direct deposit and your national royalties 4 times a year (January-April-July and October).

Other documents

To complete and update your file

Group agreement

To agree on a different distribution of royalties within your group despite the "featured or non-featured" categories.


Your discograpy once declared. Notify us about the changes to be made to your file (change of address, bank information, etc.)