Closeout schedule for your royalties’ claims - Artisti

Equitable remuneration and private copy

Our closing schedule corresponds to the deadlines that Artisti members must meet to submit their participation in a sound recording if they are to be able to collect the Canadian equitable remuneration and private copying royalties that would be due to them for a given year. 

When a year is marked as closed, you can no longer claim royalties for your music broadcasted during that year.

Example: an artist must declare its repertoire before August 1st, 2023 to receive equitable remuneration royalties for sound recordings broadcasted in 2017.

Example: a performer must declare its repertoire before November 30th, 2023 to receive private copy royalties distributed for the first time by Artisti in 2017 and corresponding to the survey year 2016.

Note: Artisti no longer distributes private copying royalties to its members since 2018, since the royalties collected by the society in charge of collecting these royalties, the Canadian Private Copying Collective, remain applied to its costs of operation.

Incidental reproduction right and exclusive rights

The claiming years for your royalties concerning your incidental reproduction right and your exclusive rights are closed as and when they are distributed by Artisti.