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Collection of royalties: 2018, a record year!

In 2018, Artisti received $ 15,082,305 in royalties. Canadian royalties collected amounted to $ 6,178,538 while foreign royalties totaled $ 8,903,767. No one will be surprised that the country that paid the most royalties to Artisti was the United States with some $ 8,192,986 in SoundExchange royalties. Last year, the royalties for SoundExchange received by Artisti were only $ 2,205,287. In 2018, the American giant has been responsible for 3.7 times more royalties for our members.

The year 2019 will allow us to evaluate if the problems of the last years with SoundExchange’s royalties are definitely behind us.

Furthermore, Canadian royalties have been 2.4 times higher than in the past, but everything should be back to normal in 2019. The reason why Canadian royalty collections were high in 2018 was due to the fact that the residual of private copying royalties for 2000 to 2009 was collected. However, this massive contribution in royalties will not be recurring, which is why things should resume their normal course in 2019.