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Important information concerning the partial payment of your equitable remuneration royalties for the year 2021

Re:Sound*, currently proceeding with the replacement of its IT distribution system, has temporarily suspended its distribution of the 2021 Canadian royalties, the first of which was to take place in July 2022. However, due to problems specific to the development of this type of system, this was delayed for a few months.

In order to keep to the regular schedule, Artisti and the other Re:Sound member societies have ensured that a partial payment of these royalties (assessed based on a preliminary value per play) can be sent to you during the last distribution of the 15th of  July

This first payment of your 2021 royalties will be supplemented by the final distributions that Re:Sound should send to us using its new system during fall 2022.

When the final payment of your 2021 royalties will be made, you will see on your Artisti portal that the partial payment that we sent to you on July 15 will appear in negative and will be replaced by the final payment of your 2021 royalties which will appear in positive. You will then receive in your account the difference between the amount you collected in July and the final amount of your royalties for 2021.

Also, while Artisti takes every precaution to avoid this situation, some of you may have received a payment that is an overestimate or miscalculation of what you would have normally received for your 2021 broadcasts. In this case, when the final payment will be made to us by Re:Sound, the sums that may have been overpaid to you will be recovered from your future royalty payments.

*Re:Sound is the Canadian collecting society that collects  equitable remuneration royalties for performers and producers. As such, it is mandated by the Canadian collective societies members (Actra RACS, Artisti, Connect, MROC, Soproq) to collect royalties from the music services, and repay it to the societies members.