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New appointment: Samian becomes Artisti board administrator

Artisti is pleased to announce that on September 10, 2016, its sole shareholder appointed Samian as Artisti administrator.

Samian, born Samuel Tremblay, is the first rapper and the first singer to sing in Algonquin to be appointed to Artisti’s Board of Directors.

If Samian was first noticed in 2004 while participating in the Wapikoni Mobile film project and performing on stage with rap group Loco Locass, it was his single, La paix des braves, which made him known to the Quebec public.  Shortly after this success, in 2007, Samian launched his first album, Face à soi-même. Samian now has three albums to his credit and won the Révélation Radio-Canada Musique prize and the Félix for Best hip-hop album of the year for his second album, Face à la musique, and was nominated at the ADISQ Gala in the Author, composer category of the year, for that same album.

His music and lyrics take him to the four corners of the world – from Germany, Indonesia, through France, Finland and China.

But Samian is not solely devoted to music. He is involved in many causes, including those which support his concerns for: aboriginal youth, for which he is one of the standard bearers, protection of the Algonquin language, reconciliation between indigenous and non-indigenous peoples, and peaceful coexistence of individuals in general.
2016 also witnessed the acknowledgement of Samian’s social involvement through the granting of two prestigious awards. Thus, on February 15, at a ceremony taking place at the Montreal City Hall, Samian was awarded the Artiste pour la paix de l’année prize which is awarded to a Quebec artist who has distinguished himself in the promotion of peace and social justice over the previous year. Then, in May 2016, Samian won the Paul-Gérin-Lajoie Award for Diversity, which is awarded to public figures who have distinguished themselves in promoting respect for diversity and inclusion.

Artisti thanks this multidisciplinary artist, who is an author-songwriter, actor, animator and photographer, for accepting to get involved, in addition to his many projects, with performing artists in the music industry.