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New Faces on the Artisti Board of Directors

Guy Bernard and Jay Lefebvre have joined Artisti Board of Directors, as of May 1st. Their varied professional backgrounds will undoubtedly renew the range of skills found on Artisti Board of Directors and contribute to its sound governance.

Additionally, we are pleased to announce the renewal of the mandates of Julien Alvarez Thomet, Pierre-Luc Brillant, and David Bussières for an additional two years.

We would also like to express our deepest gratitude to Claire Hayek and Dominique Lebeau (domlebo) for their commitment and invaluable contributions during their years on the Board!

More information on our new administrators:


Guy Bernard embodies versatility, with a remarkable career that seamlessly combines music, law, communication, and public affairs.

A top graduate of the Montreal Conservatory of Music and holder of a PhD in music from the University of Montreal, his musical journey as a trombonist spanstrombonist span two decades, giving him a deep knowledge of the music industry.

Guy has also pursued a career in law, serving as a litigator at Legal Aid Montreal, and has been involved with both the Public Affairs Branch of the Royal Canadian Air Force and the creation and production of the Tempo program on CBC Radio 2.

His recent career at GMMQ highlights his unwavering commitment to musicians. In embracing the role of Executive Director of GMMQ, Guy brings unparalleled energy and expertise. His approach, combining academic rigor, field experience, and passion for music, promises to open new avenues to represent and support the music community in all its diversity and creativity.

Jay Lefebvre

Jay Lefebvre, a versatile artist, is a recognized author, composer, performer, and director.

Active in the industry for 20 years, Jay began his musical career as a composer, arranger, and theme engineer for Radio-Canada (CBC) & RDI (The National) and various advertisements , including Budweiser, CBC, and the Olympics.

His musical influence has also flourished through the production of acclaimed albums. Among these are “Forever Gentlemen” bringing together talented artists such as Garou, Corneille, and Roch Voisine, as well as “Devant nous” by Roch Voisine, both of which were resounding success, topping the charts as soon as they were released.

His commitment and expertise have earned him seven nominations at the ADISQ Gala, notably for his contribution as an engineer on Ginette Reno’s Adult Album of the Year. With such a rich career, Jay Lefebvre continues to inspire and make his mark on the Canadian music industry.

In parallel, Jay founded Melophonix in 2016, a company specializing in creating audiovisual content to meet the needs of its clientele, both locally and internationally.