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Artisti re-submits two tariff projects so that performers can receive royalties from the get go !

On October 15, Artisti filed  the proposed tariffs for the Phonogram and Online Music Services concerning the exploitation of performances by performers (record sales, streaming, etc.) with the Copyright Board of Canada

The filing of these tariffs comes at a time when ADISQ very recently put an end to the negotiations surrounding the conclusion of a model license with Artisti. It should be noted that in 2015, Artisti filed tariffs for these same exploitations and agreed to withdraw them in order to negotiate directly with ADISQ. The negotiations having failed, Artisti had no other choice but to re-submit these tariffs to ensure, that on one hand, performers receive royalties from the very first exploitation of their performance and, on the other hand, that these royalties go directly from online music services to Artisti – in other words, without  going through distributors, labels and makers.

While more and more performers are calling for a change to the contractual practices that prevail in the music sector, Artisti believes that this discontent is fully justified and hopes that light will be shed on several harmful practices to artists including those who aim to:

  • disassociate them from each other or from associations and societies that represents them
  • keep them in the dark
  • prevent them from protecting their copyrights
  • appropriate the royalties to which they are entitled.

To consult the proposed tariffs filed by Artisti and published by the Copyright Board of Canada:

To consult the proposed tariffs filed by Artisti and published by the Copyright Commission of Canada:

What are the next steps? Under the Copyright Act, any interested potential user, or their representative, wishing to oppose these proposed tariffs must file their opposition with the Copyright Board, in writing, at the latest December 3, 2021.