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Collaboration between Artisti and ShineX

ARTISTI AND SHINEX Royalties Monitoring join forces for the benefit of Quebec artists.

For greater visibility and predictability of the broadcast of your performance on SiriusXM channels.

ARTISTI WORLDWIDE members will now be able to know, at a lower cost, at the source and in real time, the total amount of royalties generated by the broadcasts of their music on SiriusXM channels thanks to exclusive data from ShineX Royalties Monitoring!

All this because ARTISTI and ShineX are joining forces to offer ARTISTI WORLDWIDE members an exclusive 20% discount on the base subscription price that applies at the time of this offer for the use of the ShineX Dashboard.

This offer includes all ShineX Dashboard services:

  • The complete catalog of your songs streamed on SiriusXM.
  • Tracking the money generated by each song.
  • Your total earnings.
  • The times, dates and minutes of each broadcast.
  • Identifying the channels broadcasting your music.
  • A clear distribution of money for the lead artist.
  • Daily updates of your earnings as well as your spins by email.
  • Direct notifications when one of your new songs goes into rotation.