Distributed royalties

National and international

Distributed royalties

Since its creation, ARTISTI has paid its members approximately $ 52.8 million in royalties

International partners

ARTISTI collects royalties from more than 48 countries

Royalties distribution

ARTISTI distributes royalties four times a year

What happens with royalties from years previous to my joining? We make retroactive payments for Canadian equitable remuneration royalties. As for private copying and international royalties, retroactive payment is limited to certain years. Finally, the payment of royalties related to incidental or accessory reproductions is not retroactive.

Distribution rules

What are the rules governing the distribution of royalty payments? The rules vary according to the type of music.


80% of the royalties go to the solo singer or instrumentalist and the remaining 20% are divided among the accompanying singers and instrumentalists who perform on the sound recording that appears in the survey data used to calculate royalties.

Jazz and classical

The rules for distributing royalties for classical music and jazz are more complicated because they take into account the diversity and specific composition of the ensembles that perform these types of music.

Member of a band

Finally, if all the members of a musical group are members of ARTISTI and have signed a Group Distribution Agreement, they can choose a different formula for sharing the royalties.