F.A.Q - Artisti


Frequently asked questions

Artisti represents any performer – singer or instrumentalist – who has performed on an eligible sound recording.

Producers of phonograms and artists who have performed on an eligible sound recording that has been published and performed in public or communicated to the public by telecommunication.

Authors of musical works that have been fixed on a sound recording, producers of sound recordings of musical works, and artists whose performance of a musical work has been fixed on a sound recording.

Yes, at the time of your membership application it is possible to specify the desired territorial representation by writing it by hand on the membership contract in the related section. It is also possible to modify by writing to the member service no later than 90 days before the renewal date of the membership contract.

ARTISTI distributes the royalties due to its members four times a year:

  • January, 15th
  • April, 15th
  • July, 15th
  • October, 15th

ARTISTI also make international distributions including SoundExchange every month for its members registered to direct deposit.

Yes, because Artisti has a different mandate from either SOCAN, SOCAN DR and SOPROQ. Artisti is responsible for administering copyright related to performance. It is therefore possible to receive royalties from Artisti as a performer in addition to receiving royalties from SOCAN, SOCAN DR and SOPROQ as an author, a composer or a producer.