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Artisti Forum 2018 – 1st edition

Presentations, information, meet the board, and services counter

Dear members,

The Board of Directors and the Artisti team are pleased to invite you to the first edition of the Artisti Forum.

By participating, you will have the opportunity to attend presentations on topics that concern you (SoundExchange, state of performers’ rights, distribution of royalties), to interact with employees, to meet with board members. and even to update your file at the members service counter.

The Artisti Forum will be held on Tuesday, November 27 at Artisti’s offices, starting at 1:30 pm, followed by a friendly Happy Hour with drinks and snacks. Note this appointment on your agenda and confirm your participation as soon as possible.

Come and meet your collecting society.


The Artisti team

Come and meet your collecting society

We are counting on your participation to make this first edition a succes


Confirm your participation and make an appointment with a members services agent



Check out the program and get acquainted with the events of the afternoon.



The forum will be held in Montreal’s creative Mile End neighbourhood at Artisti’s offices.

See map
Meet the board


Confirm your participation, ask us your questions in advance and make an appointment with a members services agent

Attend the presentations on subjects that concern you.


Take the opportunity to speak with Artisti employees and ask all the questions you would like.

Meet the board

Meet the performers who represent you as Artisti board members.


Update your file at the members services counter.

Happy hour

Network over a drink and snacks in a friendly atmosphere.

Do you have any particular questions which you would like answered during the forum?

Indicate them below.


    A rich and diversified program for a forum that reflects you and brings us together


    30 min

    1:30PM to 2:00PM

    • Meet your collecting society management team
    • Administrators and employees welcome you to the offices of Artisti.
    • A detailed program of the afternoon will be given upon arrival.


    20 min

    2:10pm to 2:30pm

    • International royalties and soundexchange
    • Ali Mafi will present the general operation of the collection and distribution of international royalties.
    • Special attention will be paid to royalties from Soundexchange.


    20 min

    2:30pm to 2:50pm

    • State of the law relating to performers and prospects
    • Annie Morin will present an overview of the rights of performers in Canada
    • Special attention will be paid to the evolution of rights and possible Artisti developments


    20 min

    2:50pm to 3:10pm

    • Online tools and members services
    • Alexandre Alonso will present the new Artisti web site and its new online tools.
    • Special attention will be paid to members services, documents and linked processes.


    40 min

    3:10pm to 3:50pm

    • Ask your questions and get answers
    • Artisti’s employees and the board of directors will respond to questions sent by participants.
    • Members will also be able to ask questions of general nature

    Send your questions


    The first edition of the forum will be held in Montreal’s creative mile end neighbourhood at Artisti’s offices

    +514 288 7150 EXT. 1270


    5445, av. De Gaspé, suite 1005 (10th floor), Montréal (Québec) H2T 3B2




    Forum : 1:30 PM TO 4:00 PM

    HAPPY HOUR : 4:00 PM TO 6:00 PM