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Important notice: distribution of reproduction royalties – commercial radio and MELS*

Artisti is preparing to make a distribution of royalties for the reproduction of the sound recordings of its members by commercial radio stations, schools and preschools.
It should be noted that the reproductions royalties are subjected to a unique distribution and the artists who have not ceded such rights to Artisti (reproduction right provided for in Article 15
(1) b) (ii) of the Copyright Act) by not signing the Addendum A, will not receive these royalties.
These royalties will be paid only to artists who are eligible and who signed the Addendum A at the date of the distribution.
If you have not signed Addendum A and want to do so, you have until 11 November 2015 to send it to Lisa Champagne at lchampagne@artisti.ca.
* MELS: Ministry of Education, Recreation and Sport