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Francophone music quotas on commercial radio

On September 14, Artisti and UDA jointly filed with the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) their observations on quotas of French-language vocal music, applicable to the French-language commercial radio sector.

Artisti explained that its members collect royalties from equitable remuneration of sound recordings broadcasts in which they participate on the airwaves of commercial radio and this is critical revenue for them. The French-language music distribution quotas therefore contribute to the support of French-language music artists.

Moreover, Artisti argued that if the French-language music quotas were to be reduced, it should be done solely for the benefit of a local music quota (or music from the province in which the radio station is located) of English or other languages.

Finally, Artisti asked to appear before the CRTC at the public hearings to be held in Quebec as of November 16 (now canceled and moved to early 2016).

Rest assured that we will keep you informed of developments in this case.

For your information, you will find the Artisti / UDA brief by following this link:

Appel aux observations sur une révision du cadre réglementaire relatif à la musique vocale de langue française applicable au secteur de la radio commerciale de langue française – Avis de consultation de radiodiffusion CRTC 2015-318 (French only)