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Music at the crossroads

Last September 10, I had the honour of being appointed President of Artisti’s Board of Directors.

As a board member for a year now, and a professional musician for almost fifteen years, I have repeatedly had the opportunity to see how the music industry was undergoing one of the biggest metamorphoses of its history.  On the one hand, the compact disc has become an obsolete object and, the purchasing of music online, for a brief moment the platform par excellence for listening to music, is now being replaced by music streaming, considerably slashing content creators’ revenues. On the other hand, many artists nowadays wear many hats, playing the roles of singer-songwriters, producers, art directors, and sometimes, agents and negotiators.

Today, entertainment is accessible from anywhere, at any time, which is why it is important, through all that is offered to consumers, to ensure that music retains the special place it has occupied since the dawn of time. We must not underestimate the importance of its presence in our lives. Can you imagine a romantic dinner, a wedding, a party, a car ride, a movie, a TV show without music? Would these moments have the same meaning without the music that accompanies them? In my view, not at all.

That is why I believe that in the face of this new reality, it is important for all stakeholders to join forces so that our music can continue to flourish here and resonate elsewhere, despite a transitional economic model.

It is with great openness towards all there is to do and redefine, and with the will to work for the good of what I love most in the world, music, and of those who invest therein a part of their soul, its interpreters, that I take up this position.