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Special communication regarding your Canadian royalty payments in 2022

Re:Sound, the umbrella collective society of which Artisti is a member, is currently replacing its data processing system and will need to dedicate all of its resources to a smooth transition from their existing system to their new system. As a result, Re:Sound has announced to us that it is temporarily suspending the distribution of Canadian equitable remuneration and private copying royalties. The next payment of these royalties that Artisti will receive from Re:Sound is expected to arrive in July 2022. Artisti will therefore have to slightly modify its own distribution schedule for 2022 in relation to these Canadian royalties.

Impact of Re:Sound's Suspension of Equitable Remuneration and Canadian Private Copying Royalties distribution

There should be no real impact for members whose discography was up to date at the time of the data processing leading to the distribution of royalties related to the year 2020, which was the latest year to be subject to a distribution. In fact, these members have already received the royalties due to them for the uses made in 2020 (or before) and the royalties for the uses made in 2021 should reach us in July, which is practically according to the usual schedule.

However, for members whose discography was not up to date at the time the 2020 usage data was received and processed by Artisti, they will have to wait until July to receive the equitable remuneration or private copying royalties for uses made in 2020 or before.

Incidental reproduction royalties being collected directly by Artisti, no interruption is to be expected for the payment of these royalties to those of our members who have entrusted us with their reproduction rights. As such, the April 2022 Canadian royalty distribution will focus on these royalties. In addition, members who had received an equitable remuneration royalty payment for the use years 1998 to 2000 will receive payment of the closeout amounts related to those years.

US royalties from SoundExchange and foreign sources

Please also note that Artisti will continue to pay international royalties monthly to all members who have subscribe to direct deposit. Regarding your US SoundExchange royalties, Artisti has also made sure with Re:Sound that there will be no interruption, since Re:Sound will make regular payments of these royalties until April and will then advance these royalties until the regular resumption of payments in July 2022.

To know more: Prior to distribution by Artisti, Canadian Equitable Remuneration Royalties are first collected by Re:Sound from music users on behalf of Canadian producers’ and performers’ collective societies. Re:Sound also collects SoundExchange royalties on behalf of Canadian performing artists’ societies. It then pays the societies their respective Canadian royalties 4 times a year and their SoundExchange royalties 12 times a year.