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As part of the examination of the framework for commercial radio, Artisti and Union des Artistes (UDA) jointly submitted their comments to the CRTC on March 30, 2021. These observations support the proposals made by ADISQ (in french), in particular on respecting French-speaking quotas on radio, a key issue for many of our members.

Here is a summary of our main observations:

1.We support ADISQ’s proposal to put an end to the practice of abusive editing by radio stations, which are strictly used for the purpose of circumventing regulations.

2.Artisti and UDA are fully in favor of the proposal to ensure that French-speaking vocal music is heard by as many people as possible by redefining the broadcast week around two main categories of listening hours:
  • prime time, which will include a 55% of French-speaking vocal music, as currently;
  • and non-prime time hours, which will include a 45% of French-speaking vocal music quota.

3. Artisti and UDA also support the proposal that prime time should now be defined as follows:

  • Monday to Friday, 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Saturday and Sunday: 8 am to 7 pm

4. Artisti and UDA are also in favor of the proposal put forward by ADISQ that 50% of Canadian French-speaking vocal music in prime time should henceforth consist of tracks from emerging artists or new musical pieces by established artists.

5. Artisti and UDA also want 5% of the music broadcast, other than French-language vocal music or Native languages music, to be devoted to music in other languages, including English but also all other languages used by Quebec artists.


Finally, Artisti and the UDA cannot overemphasized the capital importance of the deployment of new efficient monitoring mechanisms, of total transparency for the benefit of stakeholders and the application of a zero-tolerance-policy in the face of circumvention stratagems, which threaten the distribution of the music of the artists they represent and impact the income that results from this distribution to the greatest detriment of the artists.