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Artisti listens to its members!

At the beginning of 2021, Artisti sent a satisfaction survey to its members. The goals pursued were to know their needs and expectations, but also to identify the priorities for the collective society and improve the quality of its services.

Despite the modest number of respondents (you were 6% who answered), the survey is, in some ways, enlightening. You will find it here in its entirety (in French), but let me underline a few highlights that are frankly encouraging, as they clearly reflect an increase of the trust that the majority of Artisti’s members have in their society in comparison with past years.

Thus, 76% of respondents are satisfied with the frequency of distributions (monthly payments for those registered for direct deposit) and 74% would recommend Artisti to other performers for the management of their royalties. Could this be the reason why a high number of performers join our society each year?

Worth mentioning is the fact that: 50% of respondents have had dealings with the Member Services since their registration. They gave a score of 7/10 for the speed with which Artisti responded to their request and 9/10 for the courtesy of the service provided. Indeed, due to a lack of staff, Artisti sometimes takes too long to respond, but once the link is established, the service is provided with courtesy, generosity and ultimately, to the satisfaction of the member! That being said, there is obviously room for improvement and this issue is at the heart of the Board’s discussions.

Speaking of improvement, the portal was rated 8/10. Here too, there is room for improvement, particularly with regard to the details provided in relation with royalties and the possibility of registering titles directly in the portal. Once again, I must say that Artisti is always looking for the best solutions to these questions, while ensuring the security of its members’ data.

Finally, 71% of respondents are familiar with Artisti’s mission (“To protect, preserve and promote the rights of performers”) and 89% of them give it a score of 9/10.

To accomplish this mission, Artisti must be attentive to and at the service of its members and, reading the survey, we feel that Artisti is taking concrete actions in this direction, actions that resonate with performers registered with our collective society.

In closing, I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who completed the survey. If it is not  always a pleasant exercise, be assured that  it is much appreciated! And I look forward to learning more about your realities and hearing your new suggestions and ideas as part of a … next survey 😉

Indeed, we read and listen to you with great interest. The survival of our collective society depends on it, and I would even go so far as to say the survival and development of our musical ecosystem, which is unfortunately very fragile!

Be well, my friends, and good luck!